Medical City Dallas: First in North Texas Single Site General Robotic Surgeries

Medical City Dallas is at the forefront of single incision robotic surgery, which is done through a tiny incision in the belly button instead of one long or as many as four smaller incisions in the abdomen, as in traditional laparoscopic or robotic surgery. The end result for patients may include less scarring and discomfort and fewer complications, all of which can shorten hospital stays and recovery times.

Medical City Dallas’ robotic surgeons and specialists not only perform single site, minimally-invasive robotic surgeries for many general surgery conditions, including gallbladder and hernia removal, they also teach robotic surgery procedures to other physicians from all over the United States.

First in North Texas: da Vinci® Xi Single Site Gallbladder Removal Surgery

On May 13, 2016, Medical City Dallas surgeons performed the first two single site gallbladder removal surgeries with the da Vinci® Xi robot. These were the first surgeries of this kind performed in North Texas.

“We have some very exciting technology that has been utilized here at Medical City Dallas with the single site for the Xi robot,” said Chris Bell, MD, a general surgeon at Medical City Dallas and Medical Director of the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. “Medical City Dallas has always been at the forefront of technology. Recently, we performed a gallbladder removal using the single site technology. It’s an exciting way to do a minimally-invasive operation with a single incision, which in some patients would lead to a quicker recovery and a better cosmetic outcome.”

Instead of a long incision or four small incisions, surgeons make a single incision through the belly button. Once it’s closed, it heals just like a belly button wrinkle, leaving the patient virtually scarless. In addition to the cosmetic aspect, the surgery can be safer with the robot because surgeons have improved optics and see things magnified 10 times rather than two or three as with general laparoscopy.

Doctors say that robotic surgery is not only safe, but patients won’t have to look in the mirror afterward and be reminded of that time they were sick.