Pediatric Kidney Transplant at Medical City Dallas 

Medical City Pediatric Kidney TransplantThe Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program at Medical City Dallas is certified as an approved transplant program by the United Network for Organ Sharing(UNOS) since 1998. Our team includes nephrologists, transplant surgeons, psychologist, nurses, dieticians, social workers, financial coordinators, child life specialists and administrative staff.

Our specialists are well-trained in the recognition and management of the unique problems of young patients battling advanced kidney disease. We work closely with patients' referring physicians in order to ensure continuity of care and a successful post-transplant recovery.

Medical City Dallas is also the only hospital in North Texas where kidney recipients and kidney donors can be treated in the same facility, which can be especially important for parents, family members, and friends who wish to donate.

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How do I apply to become a Medical City Dallas kidney transplant patient?

Candidates considering a kidney transplant will first complete a Medical City transplant application. Most patients with kidney disease are referred to our program by a nephrologist or dialysis center but many other candidates choose to initiate the transplant process by downloading the transplant application or by calling (972) 566-7199 or (800) 348-4318. After this initial contact, the candidate’s insurance will be verified and then our transplant team will contact you to begin the clinical work-up process.

Kidney Transplant Application
Adult - English / Spanish
Pediatric - English

How do I apply to become a Medical City Dallas living kidney donor?

Volunteering to be a living kidney donor is incredibly generous. Candidates who are considering kidney donation should complete a New Donor Screening Form and a Living Kidney Donor Application Form (en español) to be submitted to our transplant coordinator.