Joint Replacement Success Stories at Medical City Dallas

Steve's Hip Replacement Surgery

"I went from being able to not hardly walk, to being able to go to bicycle races. And not just race, but win time trials." - Steve, hip replacement patient.

Steve Conry suffered for years from hip pain that was so severe it affected all aspects of his everyday life. The extensive damage in his hip robbed Steve of his independence and freedom – to the point that he considered early retirement on disability.

In 1996, Steve came to Medical City Dallas Hospital to undergo MAKOPlasty hip replacement surgery with orthopedic surgeon Charles Rutherford, MD. He was so pleased with the results that Steve chose to come back to Medical City and Dr. Rutherford when his other hip needed repair in 2015.

Since his hip replacement surgeries, Steve’s quality of life has drastically improved. The patient who once struggled to do simple tasks like walking has come back to win time trials in cycling.

“[MAKOPlasty hip replacement surgery] has been the best thing I ever did for myself,” Steve said. “It’s been a blessing for me and such a life-changing thing for me to do.” Steve adds, “I have Doctor Rutherford to thank for it.”

Michael's Knee Replacement Surgery

"It was amazing to me because they had me walking again the day of surgery." - Michael, knee replacement patient.

Michael had been dealing with knee problems and pain for nearly a year when he finally decided to look into knee replacement surgery with Dr. Charles Rutherford at Medical City Dallas Hospital. Michael shares his surgery and recovery experience so that others know they don't have to live with knee pain.

Carolyn’s Knee Replacement Surgery

When Carolyn Fisher decided it was finally time for a knee replacement, she sought out the best care possible. Dr. Charles Rutherford at Medical City Dallas performed her knee replacement surgery and Carolyn could not be more pleased with the results.