Personalized Maternity Care at Medical City Dallas

We specialize in special deliveries ... yours!

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Giving birth is perhaps the greatest of all human miracles. From the moment you discover you're pregnant, a dedicated team is ready to guide you on the journey as you bring your child into the world. All labor and delivery and antepartum nurses boast a long tenure and total commitment to giving you and your baby the best care available in North Texas.

Medical City Dallas was the first hospital in North Texas to be designated as a Magnet hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) for excellence in nursing care. After delivery, our patient commitment continues with extensive education classes including breastfeeding and proper child safety techniques.

In addition to an unsurpassed level of care, Medical City offers:

  • A state-of-the-art labor and delivery unit and newborn nursery
  • A Level IV neonatal intensive care unit NICU
  • A pediatric intensive care unit (PICU)
  • A congenital heart surgery unit
  • Neonatologists and pediatric anesthesiologists on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week—we're the only facility in the area with this advantage
  • Many special amenities that make your stay more comfortable

Labor and Delivery Preadmission

In order to better care for you, anticipate your needs and facilitate the admission process to Labor and Delivery, we ask that you call (972) 566-2252 to make an appointment when you are around 26 weeks into your pregnancy.

Appointment hours are from Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:00pm. We are closed on holidays and weekends. Our office is located in Building D, 7th Floor, Suite 730.

The Little Extras

In addition to putting your mind at ease, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible with an impressive list of you’ll appreciate during your stay:

  • Spacious, private rooms and generous visiting hours make it easier to show off your new addition to family and guests.
  • Each room has an entertainment center, free Internet access, a refrigerator and a spacious bathroom.
  • Two luxury suites are available with amenities well beyond the “expected,” such as a spa tub and shower and a full kitchenette with granite countertops.
  • An infant security system, designed to protect your baby throughout your hospital stay, is provided.
  • Our first-rate complimentary room service program, City Gourmet, allows patients to order delicious gourmet cuisine from an extensive menu whenever they are hungry. With entrées such as Italian beef tenderloin, grilled Caribbean salmon or “create-your-own” pasta and desserts like Key lime pie, Chocolate Thunder cake and fresh fruit cobblers, it’s a far cry from typical hospital fare.
City Gourmet
City Gourmet
City Gourmet

Enjoy Your Stay

From spa baths to hotel-style room service, Medical City Dallas caters to women in North Texas.

Each room has an entertainment center, free wireless Internet access, a refrigerator and a spacious bathroom. Wood flooring and elegant Corian countertops adorn the rooms, as do built-in ledges to accommodate floral arrangements.

If your family is in need of more space, lavish, larger suites are available with special amenities including a separate family room, guest bed, a spa tub and shower and a full kitchenette with granite countertops.

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Maternal Fetal Institute

Maternal Fetal InstituteFrom the start, mothers facing high-risk pregnancies benefit from the special services of maternal fetal medicine specialists. Also called perinatologists, these dedicated specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to work with your obstetrician to diagnose and recommend genetic counseling and prenatal tests to help ensure a safe delivery.

Medical City is the only hospital in North Texas where a mother facing a high-risk pregnancy can deliver her baby in the same facility that treats and attends to special needs of both mom and baby. This avoids any added anxiety of separation and allows care to be immediately administered upon delivery. Onsite specialists consult with parents of babies born with birth defects prior to discharge helping them understand and care for the special needs of their baby. Learn more about Medical City Children’s Hospital Maternal Fetal Institute.


The Newborn Nursery is located on the 7th floor of Building D across from Labor and Delivery. Your family is welcome to observe the admission process in the window of the Newborn Nursery. During the admission process your baby will be closely monitored and assessed by highly skilled registered nurses and pediatricians. You and your family will receive important, detailed instructions about caring for your baby, especially concerning safety and security, as well as introductory basics.

Birth Certificate Forms

For assistance in completing your forms to obtain a birth certificate, call (972) 566-7352. The office is located on the 8th floor of Building A, North Tower.

Lactation Support

The Lactation Department at Medical City consists of nine Board Certified Lactation Consultants. We offer inpatient and outpatient consultations, sale/rental of breast pumps and a "warm" line for telephone support. Inpatients are seen on a daily basis and outpatients by referral and appointment only.

Breast Pump Rental Station

(972) 566-4580

Outpatient Lactation Clinic

(972) 566-4811

Education Resources

It’s normal for parents to have questions once you leave the hospital. Safe sleep, for example, is important to establish safe and healthy sleep habits for your infant. That’s why we’ve have information sheets for you to take home—just ask your nurses or the physicians if clarification is needed before leaving the hospital.

Safe Sleep Guide - English / Spanish

NICU Advantage at Medical City

Our NICU—or newborn intensive care unit—is one of highest levels of care for newborns in the region. We’re the NICU that other NICUs send to.

Here's another important advantage of delivering at Medical City. If there is an unexpected issue at birth and your baby needs that high level of care, Medical City is the only place in North Texas where mom and baby can stay together. Other hospitals would transfer the baby and mom would have to leave the hospital early.