8 Tips to Help You Manage Your Degenerative Joint Disease

Degenerative joint disease, a chronic condition that affects millions of Americans, is a common cause of hip pain and often results in lessened quality of life and loss of an active lifestyle. Although surgery is sometimes the best treatment option, there are several steps you can take on your own to help alleviate pain associated with degenerative joint disease and exercise control of your orthopedic health:

1. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce levels of painful swelling in the joints.
2. Know your physical limitations and how to reduce activity when pain persists.
3. Take medications prescribed by your doctor and be sure to follow the specific regimen exactly as prescribed.
4. If advised, use assistive devices such as a walker or cane to put less stress on your joints.
5. Maintain good posture to reduce the strain placed on your joints.
6. Wear comfortable, properly-fitting shoes that support your weight.
7. Keep a positive outlook to help manage stress and maintain control of your treatment.
8. Maintain a proactive role in managing your disease so that you can live as close to your normal lifestyle without aggravating your condition.