Kidney Transplant Program at Medical City Dallas 

The Kidney Transplant and Pancreas Transplant programs at Medical City Dallas have been certified as approved transplant programs since 1998. Our team of specialists performed the first kidney transplant at Medical City Dallas in 1999. Today our dedicated team of experienced kidney transplant surgeons continues to focus exclusively on kidney and kidney-pancreas transplants.

Most Transplants in North Texas

Medical City Healthcare performed more kidney transplants than any other health care system in North Texas in 2018, according to a recent report from the U.S Department of Health and Human Services Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. The Medical City Dallas and Medical City Fort Worth Kidney Transplant Institutes combined to perform more than 230 kidney transplants, with Medical City Dallas being the largest volume kidney transplant program.

According to the latest Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients report, the average time to receive a kidney transplant at Medical City Healthcare hospitals is months less than the national average.

“A week before my wedding, Medical City Dallas called with a kidney for me. I knew it was God’s will and that everything would work out. I was discharged on the 24th and got married on the 25th.”

Anu Philips

The Medical City Dallas Difference

Medical City Dallas performs living and deceased transplant surgeries. This includes adult kidney and pancreas transplant, adult pancreas transplant and adult pancreas after kidney transplant. Medical City Dallas Children’s Hospital, located on the same campus, offers pediatric kidney transplants and a continuum of care in which patients see the same physicians and support team from birth into adulthood.

Medical City Dallas also offers:

  • Small coordinator-to-patient ratio to ensure all patients receive the individual attention they need and deserve
  • The ability to work closely with each patient’s referring physician so they have an integral role in the transplant process
  • A dedicated living donor team to help you and your potential donor get transplanted quickly
  • A convenient location which avoids downtown construction and traffic

Kidney Transplant Application

Candidates considering a kidney transplant will first complete a Medical City Dallas transplant application. Most patients with kidney disease are referred to our program by a nephrologist or dialysis center but many other candidates choose to initiate the transplant process by downloading the transplant application or by calling one of the numbers below. After this initial contact, the candidate’s insurance will be verified and then our transplant team will contact you to begin the clinical work-up process.

Living Donor Application

Living donor options include:

Living donor kidney transplant

Approximately one-third of all U.S. kidney transplants are living donor transplants, in which one person donates a kidney to another person whose kidneys no longer function properly.

ABO incompatible kidney transplant

ABO incompatible kidney transplants occur when the donor has a blood type that is not compatible with the recipient's blood type. An example would be if a recipient with blood type O received a kidney from a donor with blood type A, B or AB.

Paired exchange kidney donation

Medical City Dallas Transplant participates in the Alliance for Paired Exchange program and the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) national exchange program. These programs allow kidney disease patients with incompatible donors to increase their chances of finding a compatible donor. The exchange program also allows donors to remain at Medical City Dallas during the donation process.

In a paired exchange, an incompatible donor and recipient pair — such as a husband and wife or mother and daughter who don’t have compatible blood types — are matched with another pair for a “swap," meaning that each donor will receive a kidney from the other person’s intended recipient.

Living Donor Referral

Kidney Transplant Eligibility

Kidney transplant eligibility is based on a variety of factors, but these general guidelines can help you determine whether a kidney transplant may be appropriate.

Kidney transplant-eligible patients should:

  • Be on dialysis or close to needing dialysis
  • Have the ability to follow a complicated medical treatment regimen
  • Have a strong family or social support system
  • NOT be active drug or alcohol abusers
  • NOT consider age or weight as barriers to transplant consideration at Medical City Dallas

What to Expect During a Kidney Transplant Evaluation

Here’s what to expect during a kidney transplant evaluation.

Our living donor advocate works directly with a potential donor and acts as the donor’s representative. The donor advocate will ensure that any potential concerns are communicated and explored prior to donation.