Heart Failure Prevention at Medical City Dallas

Preventing Heart Failure Before it Occurs

CardioMEMS is an implantable device, smaller than a dime, that is changing the way physicians treat heart failure. The minimally invasive procedure is nearly painless and takes just minutes. CardioMEMS is the first FDA-approved heart failure monitoring device that has been proven to significantly reduce hospital admissions when used by physicians to monitor heart failure.

How does CardioMEMS detect heart failure?

CardioMEMS electronic unitThe CardioMEMS device is implanted in the pulmonary artery (PA) during a minimally invasive procedure to directly measure PA pressure. The patient will briefly lie down on a special antenna to take daily readings. The CardioMEMS system then transmits the pressure readings from the patient’s home to Medical City’s Dr. Michael Isaac and his team, allowing for personalized and proactive management to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization.

How is CardioMEMS implanted?

The patient is sedated but awake during the procedure. The device is placed in the pulmonary artery through the groin, using a catheter-based procedure. The entire procedure takes just minutes, and the patient can typically walk around in a couple of hours, go home the same day and get back to normal activities the next day.

Does CardioMEMS have batteries?

No. The system does not contain a battery or other components which would limit its usable life.

Who is a candidate for the CardioMEMS device?

The best candidates are patients who have “Class-3 heart failure.” Those patients get winded after mild activity and have been hospitalized in the past 12 months.