Preparing Mind and Body for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Prenatal Yoga at Medical City Dallas

Medical City Dallas Women's Hospital's Baby Bump Yoga program, set in a calm and peaceful environment, focuses on the breath, the body, and your unborn baby. Relaxation and breathing exercises allow you to connect with your body's innate wisdom. Gentle stretching poses prepare you for labor while strengthening poses provide necessary stamina. Yoga may help alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy by improving circulation, strengthening pelvic muscles and increasing overall comfort. A safe and open atmosphere encourages discussion of any concerns, as well the exciting changes of pregnancy. Each class will be led by a certified professional yoga instructor, who is also a labor and delivery nurse.

Praise for Prenatal Yoga

Whether you're preparing to become pregnant, learning to master morning sickness, or feeling those first kicks, this class has something for you. All levels are welcome. Feel free to bring a friend, sister, or partner along to enjoy the class with you.

Pregnant woman doing yoga"Prenatal Yoga at Medical City Dallas is my weekly treat! The classroom was a relaxing environment where my baby and I could enjoy the mind/body positions of yoga. I also felt safe exercising with a certified yoga instructor AND learned that she is also a labor and delivery nurse too so she knows what my body is going through." - Stephanie, age 38

"I highly recommend the prenatal yoga class at Medical City Dallas. It is a soothing environment where I am in touch with my baby and learn techniques to manage labor." - Kashena, age 32

"Prenatal yoga is a great opportunity for patients to stay active during their pregnancy. With a strong focus on breathing, many women find it helpful during the labor process as well." - Wendy Parnell, M.D.

How to Sign Up

Baby Bump YogaPlease call (972) 566-7111 to register. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5:30pm in Medical City Children's Hospital classrooms A & B. The classrooms are located just off the main atrium. Each class is $5 per person. Parking is provided. For your safety, a medical release form, signed by your doctor, must be brought by EVERY class member to her first class. Request the the release by filling out the form below. If you need further assistance, please call Rosemary Zinser at (972) 566-7153.

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