ABO Incompatible Transplant at Medical City Dallas

A Plano couple is grateful for their health after a fairly new procedure in North Texas, performed at Medical City Dallas Hospital, allowed the wife with a different blood type than her husband to donate a kidney. The ABO Incompatible Transplant surgery, performed by the transplant specialists at Medical City Dallas Hospital, allows a living donor with a different blood type to donate an organ to someone in need. Watch the full story via WFAA:


About ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplants

What is an ABO Incompatible Transplant?

ABO incompatible kidney transplants occur when the donor has a blood type that is not compatible with the recipient's blood type. Example would be if a recipient with blood type O. received a kidney from a donor with blood type A., B., or AB. Such transplants are typically unsuccessful due to severe rejection.

What is Desensitization?

ABO incompatible kidney transplants have been successful when the recipient undergoes a process known as desensitization. Anti-ABO antibodies are removed from the recipient's plasma by a process known as plasmapheresis. Recipients also must receive additional immunosuppression prior to such a transplant. Once the anti-ABO antibodies are reduced to a safe level, a transplant occurs with results not significantly different from compatible transplants.

What is the basic process for Desensitization?

An individual in need of a kidney transplant, who has a healthy and willing but ABO incompatible live donor is a potential candidate for this type of transplant. An alternative to an ABO incompatible transplant, is the pair donor exchange program. Incompatible donor-recipient pairs are entered into a national program in hopes of creating a swap between incompatible pairs. This process allows a recipient in different programs to receive ABO compatible kidney transplants and does not require desensitization.

Who is eligible for an ABO Incompatible Transplant?

Unfortunately many patients with blood type O, who need a kidney transplant cannot find a compatible donor through this program and may wait many years for a deceased donor kidney transplant.

How do I apply to become a Medical City Dallas kidney transplant patient?

Candidates considering a kidney transplant will first complete a Medical City transplant application. Most patients with kidney disease are referred to our program by a nephrologist or dialysis center but many other candidates choose to initiate the transplant process by downloading the transplant application or by calling (972) 566-7199 or (800) 348-4318. After this initial contact, the candidate’s insurance will be verified and then our transplant team will contact you to begin the clinical work-up process.

Kidney Transplant Application
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How do I apply to become a Medical City Dallas living kidney donor?

Volunteering to be a living kidney donor is incredibly generous. Candidates who are considering kidney donation should complete a New Donor Screening Form and a Living Kidney Donor Application Form to be submitted to our transplant coordinator.

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