Medical City is accredited to provide continuing medical education, or CME, for physicians. It’s important to us that physicians embrace meaningful, continuous life-long learning and improvement. Our CME program is intended to build upon previous learning. The goal is to close gaps in physician knowledge, competence or performance in order to achieve a standard of excellence in the provision of optimal medical care.

The CME programs are conducted in accordance with Article XII, Section 5 of Medical City’s Medical Staff bylaws, the Texas Medical Association’s System for Accreditation of Providers of Continuing Medical Education in Texas, and the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners’ requirements for registration of medical license.

Important policy on privacy and confidentiality: In the course of any CME activity, Medical City expects complete compliance with HIPAA laws. Anyone who is affiliated with CME or engaged in a CME learning event has a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard the privacy of all patients and protect the confidentiality of patient health information.

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Pashtanah Farid, CME Coordinator
Phone: (972) 566-5580
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