Use one form for each clinical question searched. Read the Internet Point of Care program information page prior to accessing the Verification Form. For questions, contact Hema Sawhney, Medical City Librarian, at (972) 566-7579.


  • Perform search.
  • Select the 1-3 most relevant articles.
  • Complete this verification form.
  • Click “Submit” at the bottom of this form.

0.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ is awarded per structured Internet Point-of-Care cycle (per completed & verified submission).

  1. A rare condition
    A condition not managed recently
    A diagnostic dilemma
    A need for new clinical information
    A controversial clinical issue
    Other (specify)

  2. Found clinical information that answered my question
    Found clinical information that was related, but did not directly answer my question
    Did not find any clinical information that addressed my question
    Other (specify):

    Clinical Key
    EMedicine Specialties

  3. Did not have difficulty finding relevant information
    Not enough full text journals available
    Difficulties in searching
    Insufficient database clinical information coverage
    Access difficulties

  4. Reinforced my clinical decision to

    Confirmed a diagnosis of

    Reviewed the condition of

    Applied new clinical guidelines to management of

    Changed course of management (please complete no.6 below)
    Unable to find clinical information that addressed my question
    Other (specify)

  5. Choice of treatment/management
    Changes in pharmaceutical therapy
    Monitoring of therapy
    Referral for a consultation
    Changes in diagnostic tests
    Recommendations for preventative care
    Change in differential diagnosis


  1. 1 Poor
    5 Excellent

  2. Activity met my objectives
    My search resulted in a change in competence as measured by physician practice application (questions 5 & 6)
    Use of information acquired may result in improved patient care

General Internet communication is inherently not secure. For this reason, we highly recommend that data considered confidential or private in nature not be submitted on this form. (e.g., Social Security Numbers, Diagnosis Information, Credit Card Numbers, etc.)