The ideas never stop flowing at Medical City! As reflected by our two-time Magnet designation, we are always looking to raise the bar and do things better, more efficiently and more compassionately. And because nurses touch patients from all walks of life every day, their voice is critical to the organization.


As leaders within nursing services, we pursue every avenue to ensure that our patients feel safe, nurtured and satisfied with our interdisciplinary care. One of the initiatives we have implemented is nurse manager rounding, where we set a goal is to see every patient every day. This rounding exercise is far from a casual patient visit or a simple social interaction. We have found that there is no more effective way to monitor and improve the quality of care and to evaluate our use of resources. Patient rounding for us is purposeful with specific objectives in mind, with the primary goal of reducing patient anxiety. It gives our nurse leadership an opportunity to authentically scrutinize patient care and monitor patient satisfaction in real time.

Director of Patient Centered Innovation

This role works synergistically with all patient care disciplines to provide support. She partners with nursing throughout the continuum to promote and champion innovation and education. This new role helps provide oversight and direction for the organizational development department and research as well for our Magnet initiatives.

Patient White Boards

Sometimes simple is the best way to reach patients. We hang white boards in each patient’s room in the guest’s direct line of vision in order to enhance clear, purposeful communication. From shift nurse to housekeeping to case workers, a patient’s care team has the opportunity to leave direct contact information, patient care goals, pain management information and other key items. The white boards have become an important hub of communication among the nursing staff, as well as an effective tool for keeping patients and families updated with current information.

Community Service

One of the ways we extend care beyond our walls into the community is our annual employee fundraiser. And since the program began in 2003, we’ve raised more than $1 million through raffles, bake sales, auctions and similar activities.

Grow Your Own

Medical City teams up with our North Texas Division to help eligible employees reach their goal of becoming a nurse.