Medical City Dallas April 22, 2015

“Door-to-Balloon” Procedure Performed on 62 Year-Old Doctor was Fastest in Hospital History

On Sunday, April 12, 62 year-old Dr. Khurshiv Khan felt a sudden onset of chest pain, tingling in his left arm, nausea and dizziness. His daughter, who is a medical resident, immediately recognized the signs of a heart attack and urged him to call 911.

Paramedics rushed Dr. Khan to the Medical City Dallas emergency room where staff was standing by and ready for action. Seven minutes after Dr. Khan’s arrival, Medical City Dallas completed a life-saving “door-to-balloon” procedure, which included re-opening his blocked artery with a stent.

The quick actions saved Dr. Kahn’s heart muscle and significantly sped up his recovery time. He was discharged from the hospital within two days and returned to work seeing his own patients three days after his heart attack.