Medical City Dallas August 26, 2015

Medical City offers minimally invasive new technology for patients with heart disease and prohibitive risk for open heart procedures

On August 26, the Medical City Dallas Heart and Vascular team, under the direction of Dr. Bruce Bowers and Dr. Todd Dewey, implanted the first MitraClip with great success. They performed the MitraClip on a 72-year-old patient, and her outcome was great. She could not have undergone another cardiac surgery, and the MitraClip was the only option for her.

MitraClip is the only FDA approved percutaneous therapy for degenerative mitral disease, and this technology is used for patients with prohibitive risk for open heart procedures.

We were able to capture the patient on video the day after her procedure.

We are currently screening patients for this minimally invasive therapy at the Dallas Valve Institute. For more information about patient selection, minimally invasive treatment options and current research trials, please visit or call the Dallas Valve Institute at Medical City at (972) 566-5050.