Medical City Dallas June 04, 2015

Patient survives heart attack with 100 percent of organ functions intact thanks to his quick decision to dial 911 and timely emergency treatment.

On February 11, 60 year-old Richard San Soucie noticed he was short of breath and dialed 911. After arriving by ambulance at Medical City, he went into cardiac arrest, and his heart stopped beating.

The Medical City ER team performed CPR on him during that eight minutes before bringing him back to life. Knowing that cardiac arrest can cause brain damage, the medical team decided to put Richard's body into a state of induced hypothermia. They cooled his body and brain down to 91 degrees using an Arctic Sun cooling device.

Patients are placed on the cooling device to keep brain cells from dying. After remaining on the cooling device for 36 hours and saving his brain, Richard's condition began to improve.

Richard left Medical City with his heart and brain functioning preserved 100 percent and no damage done to his body.

Today, June 4, at 11:30 a.m., Richard, his family and friends, the Medical City staff who saved his life, and even his Rabbi, will celebrate his life during a luncheon at Medical City Dallas Hospital at 7777 Forest Ln, Dallas, Texas 75230. They aim to raise awareness about the importance of dialing 911 and receiving quick, lifesaving medical attention.

Richard and Dr. Mahesh Thiagarajah, who put him into induced hypothermia, will both be available for interviews.