Medical City Dallas September 16, 2015

1996 Mount Everest Disaster Survivor Dr. Beck Weathers to Discuss Movie Release

On Thursday, Sept. 17, Medical City Dallas pathologist, Dr. Beck Weathers, will answer questions about the Hollywood film, “Everest,” which is based on the story of his 1996 Mount Everest expedition.

Dr. Weathers was left for dead, twice, after a fatal storm struck Mount Everest during his climb. After his rescue, Dr. Weathers returned to Dallas to receive medical care at the same hospital in which he worked. Even though his right hand and left fingers and thumb were amputated, Dr. Weathers continues to work as a physician at Medical City.

Media may park in the lot in front of the Medical City Children’s Hospital entrance - west parking lot off Park Central Drive across from the children’s hospital building. We will provide you with parking passes so you will not have to pay.

Video / Photo Opportunities: Interview Dr. Beck Weathers about the upcoming movie, “Everest,” how he believes his story inspires others and why it has such staying power 20 years after the expedition. Obtain video or photo shots of Dr. Weathers during the press event.