IRB Meeting Dates and Submission Deadlines

The Medical City Dallas IRB meets for full board meetings on the third Wednesday of every month. To ensure your study is given appropriate review in a timely manner, study submissions must be submitted by the deadlines indicated below for each meeting.

There are no deadlines for submissions requiring an exemption determination or expedited review. These are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

2019 Meeting Schedule
Meeting Dates Submission Deadline Dates
January 16 January 4
February 20 February 8
March 20 March 8
April 17 April 5
May 15 May 3
June 19 June 7
July 17 July 5
August 21 August 9
September 18 September 6
October 16 October 4
November 13 November 1
December 18 December 6

Training and Education

It is the policy of this institution that all researchers and research staff be aware of the standards, ethics, and integrity of the research process that are necessary to both ensure the rights and welfare of human subjects be protected and to discourage misconduct in research. In that light, MCD IRB requires all individuals involved in the conduct of human subjects research to complete human subjects protection training and/or good clinical practice to ensure that training is current while the study is under active IRB oversight. IRB approval will be withheld if these training requirements are not met. Training will be required to be renewed every 2 years from the date of completion.

These requirements apply to all persons with a significant role in the research, such as those designated as:

  • Principal Investigator and Co-investigators,
  • Individuals named on a study grant or contract proposal,
  • Individuals listed on an FDA form 1572 for the conduct of the research at MCD or at an affiliate institution,
  • Individuals named as a contact person in the informed consent document(s) or recruitment materials for research,
  • Individuals who obtain informed consent from prospective participants in research, and
  • Individuals who obtain individually identifiable health information under a Business Associate Agreement.

At a minimum, MCD IRB will accept evidence of completion for ‘Human Subject Protection’ or ‘Good Clinical Practice’. Below are links to venue options where these training programs are offered.

  • CITI Program: (If you are affiliated with another entity that has a membership with CITI Program then you will be able to obtain training through that venue)
  • ACRP ‘Ethics and Human Subject Protection’: ACRP Program. This is an eLearning course that is provided at no cost, you will need to register if you are not already a member and choose the course "Pricing Without Contact Hours” and follow the prompts to complete. This course includes 5 modules and the estimated time to complete is 45 mins to 1 1/2 hours. You can save where you left off and return by logging back into ACRP.
  • For Medical City Healthcare Employees Only – obtain GCP certification at HealthStream. From the main page login with your UserID and Password, at the top of the page click on Catalog and use the search field by typing in “Good Clinical Practice”.

If training was completed at another institution, please email a copy of the training certificate to the IRB Research Coordinator.