Testimonial - Jacqueline Tapella

Landon TapellaJacqueline Tapella was 42-weeks pregnant with her first child when she had to be induced for a C-section at Medical City Dallas Hospital in June 2011. "I had a really great experience," Jacqueline said. "We just felt very well taken care of."

Landon was a 9 pound and 9 ounce healthy baby, who mom and dad instantly thought was perfect, though they admittedly needed a little help. They learned how to hold little Landon properly and other newborn safety precautions.

Jacqueline Tapella and Landon"I had a lot of questions," Jacqueline said describing how helpful the lactation nurses were coming in several times to make sure she could figure out what she was doing. "I felt like they did a very good job teaching me and calming my nerves in learning how to breast feed." Such a good job, she said felt sad with their shifts ended.

Landon TapellaJacqueline fondly remembers the last night spent in the hospital. The staff brought a gourmet sit-down dinner just for mom and dad. "We really enjoyed that. They took care of that while Landon was in the nursery. We had a quiet moment together before we went home," she added.

Landon TapellaNow Jacqueline is planning Landon's first birthday. He already has eight teeth and is crawling all over the place, standing up on his own and saying 'mama' and 'dada.' And his mother knows one thing for sure, when it's time for Landon to have a little brother or sister, she's going back to Medical City. "We weren’t ready to go home [the first time.] We just had great care from all the nurses."