Warning Signs a Pregnancy May Be In Trouble

A woman’s body will surprise, dismay, and sometimes worry her throughout pregnancy. Many of these changes are a normal during a healthy pregnancy. However, in some cases they are a sign of a larger issue. Only your health care provider can provide the thorough examination needed to determine the source of your symptoms.

The following warning signs and symptoms require you to call your obstetrician, 911 or go to the nearest emergency room:

  • Contractions (abdomen tightens like a fist lasting longer than 30 seconds) every 10 minutes or more often.
  • Vaginal Bleeding (equal to or more than a regular period).
  • Rupture of membranes (bag of water) breaking may be a gush of fluid, or a trickle of fluid from your vagina that you cannot control the flow.  Note the time, color of the fluid and call your provider.
  • Pelvic Pressure - the feeling that your baby is pushing down that is different from what you have been experiencing this pregnancy.
  • Low, dull backache that is not relived by a position change.
  • Cramps that feel like your period or severe gas pains
  • Fetal movement has decreased or stopped - count the number of kicks, twists and turns you feel.  If you experience a decrease or absence of fetal movement, drink a 12-ounce glass of water or juice, change your position and count the number of fetal movements you feel in one hour. Call you doctor right away if you count fewer than 10 kicks in 4 hours.
  • If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease, make sure you are monitored regularly.  Follow your health care provider’s advice and take medications as directed.  Call your provider if you have concerns.
  • Do NOT have anything to eat or drink after Midnight before your scheduled procedure.

If you are instructed to go to the ER by your physician, please notify the ER provider upon arrival that you are scheduled to deliver at Medical City Dallas due to your baby’s condition.  Please have the ER call the OB Hospitalist at Medical City - Women’s to begin coordinating a maternal transfer 972-832-7220 or 972-566-7164.

A pregnant woman is in tune with her body, and that instinct should not be ignored. If something does not seem right to you, consult your doctor. To find a physician, call 972-566-7111.