Thedford's Story

Thomas ThedfordLaura Thedford cried through much of her ultrasound appointment in her 30th week of pregnancy. Her pediatric cardiologist found a heart defect in her unborn son. The baby would need an expert pediatric cardiac surgeon. The Thedfords were referred to the Advanced Maternal and Newborn Institute at Medical City Dallas Hospital, about two hours away from their home in East Texas.

"One of my biggest fears was going into labor early," said Laura Thedford. But at Medical City, she quickly learned the Medical City transport team would always be only a phone call away. The couple was given a "Patient Passport"  - a document with all their medical information, and directions any hospital or EMS worker could use to activate the team. "It was comforting to know they would come and get me anytime, anywhere."

An AMNI fetal coordinator arranged all their specialists' appointments, and walked Laura from office to office during her first visit.  "It was a blessing."

On Octomber 20, 2010, Laura Thedford gave birth to Thomas William Thedford. He was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, meaning the left half of his heart is severely underdeveloped. He's had two surgeries at Medical City, and today is thriving. "He's a happy little guy," said Thedford. "And our life is more normal than we ever thought it could be."