Diagnosis and Treatment

Medical City treats a full range of conditions and diseases. Care starts well before delivery. From the moment you enter the AMNI program, a team of physicians, nurses, and researches will meet at least once a week to review your case. This helps ensure a proper diagnosis and seamless transition to treatment. Some of the conditions seen most frequently in the AMNI program include:

Diagnostic tests available at Medical City include:

Meet the Team

The AMNI program accepts all women with qualifying medical conditions. For more information before your child is born, contact AMNI Maternal Care Coordinator Shelly Jones at 972-566-8585 or email michelle.jones5@hcahealthcare.com. After delivery, please contact AMNI Neonatal Care Coordinator Jenine Davila at 972-566-3287 or email jenine.davila@hcahealthcare.com.