Paired Exchange Kidney Donation

Medical City Transplant participates in The Alliance for Paired Exchange program and the National UNOS Exchange program.  These programs allows a patient with a non-compatible donor to increase their chances of finding a compatible donor. The exchange program allows donors to remain at Medical City during the donation process.

In a paired exchange, an incompatible donor and recipient pair— such as a husband and wife or mother and daughter who don’t have compatible blood types— are matched with another pair for a "swap." So each donor will receive a kidney from the other person’s intended recipient.

Donation Chain is Life Saver for Medical City Patient

Ana ArellanoAna Arellano considers herself blessed after recently celebrating her 20th anniversary with her husband Carlos Certucha, her 17-year-old son Carlos and a new kidney.

Anna suffers from an aggressive form of Lupus and has been living with kidney complications for more than 15 years. Ana had a transplant 11 years ago in Mexico after her father donated his kidney, but just nine years later she desperately needed another transplant.

"It was really devastating. I knew my possibilities to find a match would be more difficult than the first time," she recalls after waiting on the transplant list with no hope in sight. "I had so many people in my family willing to make a donation, but I was not a match."

As Ana’s situation become more desperate, she and her husband learned about Medical City’s living kidney donation program. Carlos, who wasn’t a match, quickly agreed to donate his kidney to a stranger so Ana could receive a new kidney.

"It was a miracle. We knew it was a risk we had to take," Carlos said. "And knowing somebody else needs that kidney, it touches your heartstrings."

The kidney paired chain started on August 10, 2012 with Carlos at Medical City, covering thousands of miles, several cities and 10 more patients ending with Ana’s transplant just four days later.

Kidney Paired Chain - 12 Patients

In less than seven weeks after the transplant, Ana was back at work as human resources manager—a job she loves. And instead of just celebrating her wedding anniversary, Ana went out with both her husband and son to dinner to celebrate life.

Ana Arellano"It's weird to think someone you don’t know is going to give you a kidney," Ana said. "But we saved lives too. I really want people to know about this program."

Who should I talk to about joining the Paired Exchange Program?

Contact the Donor Coordinator at 972-566-7199 for assistance.