Heart Assist Devices

Thoratec HeartMate II

Thoratec HeartMate IIImmediate-to-chronic left ventricular assist device. The small size of the device makes it suitable for a wider range of patients, including woman and those of smaller stature. This is a non-pulsatile device that allows for improved blood circulation allowing for improved heart failure symptoms.

Abiomed AB5000

Pneumatically driven pump provides temporary circulatory support in the presence of left, right, or bi-ventricular heart failure.

Cardiac Assist TandemHeart

Cardiac Assist TandemHeartDelivers short-term extracorporeal circulatory support in minutes, and is implanted in the Cardiac Cath Lab. Provides up to 5.0 lpm of support percutaneously and up to 8.0 lpm of support with direct surgical cannulation.

Abiomed Impella 2.5

Minimally invasive, percutaneously inserted device provides up to 2.5L of blood flow. A cardiac assist device designed to: directly unload the left ventricle, reduce myocardial workload and oxygen consumption, and increase cardiac output and coronary and end-organ perfusion.


CentrimagExtracorporeal circulatory support device provides hemodynamic stabilization. The device provides short-term solution for patients needing cardiopulmonary support to assist in circulation while longer-term options are considered.