Nuclear Medicine - Whole Body Bone

What is a Whole Bone Body Scan?

A whole body scan is an exam used to evaluate the distribution of active bone formation.  A small isotope of a diphosphonates is injected.  Phosphonates are an important substance needed for bone formation.


  • Neoplastic disease
  • Arthritis 
  • Metastiac Disease 
  • Unexplained bone pain 
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

How do I prepare for this procedure?

No prep is necessary prior to the exam.  After the injection the patient must drink plenty of fluids.

Patient Expectations

You will be in the department for 3-5 minutes for the isotope injection to be placed in the vein.  After the injection you will be asked to drink plenty of fluids and return 2-4 hours later, depending on your particular exam type.  Eating is allowed during this time.  You will be asked to empty your bladder prior to imaging when you return.  Imaging takes 20-50 minutes depending on whether extra views are needed or if a SPECT.