Nuclear Medicine - Parathyroid Adenoma

What is Parathyroid Imaging?

Parathyroid imaging is a diagnostic exam for the detection of Parathyroid Adenoma.  The use of a small amount of radioactive T1-210, 99mTc, or 99mTc-MIBI is injected.


Increase in calcium levels in the body
Prior parathyroid adenoma


None needed


  • 99mTc-MIBI is the most widely used technique today.
    • You will be in the department for 2-5 minutes for a injection of Tc-MIBI 
    • 10-15 minutes after injection images will be taken, taking 5-10 minutes 
    • You will return 3 hours after 1st images for more images and a SPECT 
    • 2nd images will take 10-15 minutes 
    • SPECT is a specialized study where the camera rotates around you taking 20-30 minutes
  • 201T1, 99mTc or 99mTc-MIBI, 99mTc subtraction is used if 99mTc-MIBI alone is equivocal 
    • You will receive a hep-loc for an injection of 201T1 or 99mTc-MIBI for 5 minutes 
    • You will return 3-4 hours after injection for 4 images. LAO, RAO, 2 ANT images 
    • 3 images will be with a pinhole and 1 ANT with a parallel hole 
    • Images will take 10 minutes except the parallel is by counts 
    • You will need to remain still for another injection of 99mTc 
    • 10 minutes after injection an ANT parallel hole image by counts for subtraction.