Testimonial - Steve Cotton

Steve Cotton weighed in at 334 pounds before he had bariatric surgery at Medical City Hospital Dallas in October 2011. "It gave me a tool I never had before, and it has allowed me to reverse the aging and weight gain problem," Steve said.

Steve Cotton The 56-year-old financial planner struggled with weight gain his entire life. He developed bad eating habits and the stress of his job didn’t help. For years, Steve tried to focus on diet and exercise thinking he could lose weight the "old-fashioned way"

He said he decided it was time to think outside the box after a visit with his endocrinologist— after the specialist told him he had low testosterone which also increases weight gain. That along with some major blood clots and heart impairment had him questioning what his quality of life would be after 60.

"I had to make a decision that loose pants was going to taste better than chicken fried steak," Steve added.

After consulting with Dr. Christopher Bell at Medical City Hospital Dallas, Steve learned he was an ideal candidate for laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

"I was depressed about my weight. I didn't think I looked good. I didn't necessarily feel good," Steve said. "If I didn’t deal with this now I'm never going to whip it, I'll always be behind the curve."

Steve knew the procedure wouldn’t be a quick fix, but he was committed to taking control of his weight for the first time in nearly 30 years. "I had an absolutely outstanding surgeon who was a great mentor," Steve said. "The staff prepared me mentally to make this decision."

Steve CottonSteve, who is passionate about his job, is also passionate about traveling. When he retires his first stop will be Scotland for a musical tour, something he couldn't even consider before the bariatric surgery.

"I wouldn't be able to climb up steps. I wouldn't be able to go on hikes. I wouldn't be able to travel internationally," Steve added.

Steve is now down to 262 pounds with his sights set on 200 by the end of 2012. Steve keeps a log of what he eats and drinks every day. He focuses on eating a lot of fish and chicken, and doesn’t even have cravings for ice cream anymore. His friends are proud and his clients notice a difference.

"Boy you look fantastic. Your clothes are so big on you; you need to get new suits." Steve said recalling the compliments he now receives all the time. "It's been nice."