Testimonial - Melissa Sillavan

At 33-years-old, Melissa Sillavan was 90 pounds overweight and pre-diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol. The mother of two teenagers was told if she didn't get her blood pressure under control, she could have a stroke.

Melissa Sillavan"I was sick all the time. It was very upsetting to only be able to sit outside for five minutes, Melissa said. "It was hard because my daughter was cheerleading, and I had to leave because I couldn't stand the heat."

Melissa, who had unsuccessfully tried countless times to lose weight, made an appointment to see Dr. Joseph Kuhn in April 2011. She had gastric bypass surgery at Medical City Hospital Dallas three months later.

"A lot of other doctors want to rush you out of the room, not spend the one-on-one time. He's very friendly and supportive," Melissa said adding the support after surgery has been just as helpful.

A year later and she's reached her goal weight and the lifestyle changes have helped with her self-esteem. "It's like I'm completely different. I feel better. I have more energy," Melissa explained. "I'm able to do more things with my kids."

Melissa SillavanMelissa recently took her teenagers, ages 16 and 13, to an amusement park and says they were actually the ones who were tired. "It makes me feel like I'm doing my job as a parent. It was funny to have more energy than they had at Six Flags."

For Melissa the surgery was a great tool in her weight loss success. It's been important for her to stay positive, exercise and focus on making healthy food choices. No more shoving her mouth full of hamburger and French fries, and no more soft drinks.

"I was a big Dr. Pepper drinker, and now just the smell makes me close to nauseous," Melissa said. "It's been a change for everyone in the house. We don't buy the [bad] food anymore."

Melissa never wants to go back to the same type of life she had before the surgery. That motivation keeps her going.

"It's still strange I didn't realize you could see how unhealthy I felt," Melissa said. "I thought I was just large, I could just see I didn't feel well."