Gynecological Wellness

Gynecological Wellness

Gynecological Wellness

High Quality Gynecological Care

Gynecological WellnessMedical City Women’s gynecologists provide the highest-quality gynecological and reproductive care. We recommend annual exams to ensure the reproductive and sexual health of our patients. By working together on one campus, we’re able to effectively promote healthy pregnancies and fertility, treat sexually transmitted diseases and guide you through menopause. We also have gynecologic oncologists on staff to provide the most advanced diagnosis and treatments for gynecologic cancers and to guide you through hysterectomies.

Our mission is to help women maintain optimal health through every stage of life.


Women with early stages of gynecologic cancer are often treated with a hysterectomy - the surgical removal of the uterus. Gynecological cancers include cervical, endometrial and ovarian. Medical City’s physicians are trained for both traditional surgery and the newer daVinci® Surgical System.

Robotic surgery is the least invasive type of surgery with the least amount of post-operative complications. Women having robotic surgery generally experience less pain and blood loss and their hospital stay is much shorter than with traditional surgery. The Texas Institute for Robotic Surgery at Medical City allows women to have a faster general recovery period and return to normal activities in a shorter amount of time.

Medical City Women’s offers a monthly hysterectomy class to:

  • Prepare women for surgery by discussing what they can expect before and after
  • Discuss general plan of care and expectations during hospital stay
  • Discuss pain control interventions and options
  • Review post-hospitalization care
  • Review and discuss the emotional changes a woman experiences after a hysterectomy and how to cope with these changes
  • Tour the facility and engage in an informative question and answer period

The minimally invasive da Vinci Surgical System can also be used for other gynecological procedures including:

The Next Chapter

The Next ChapterMedical City Dallas Hospital recently started the Next Chapter, a project to celebrate the milestones and victories of women diagnosed with women’s cancers and gynecologic disease.

Medical City holds educational events and classes throughout the year, to make more women aware of symptoms and prevention of cancer and related conditions, as well as to educate them about current treatments. You can find more information at

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