Investigator's Guide

Please note that in accordance with Federal Register Guidelines and our Institutional Review policies, there is an EDUCATION REQUIREMENT for Protection of Human Research Subjects.  This training must be done and renewed every two years by investigators, co-investigators, coordinators and annually for IRB members.  This requirement may be fulfilled through web-based instructions and examination at ( - biomedical course only), or through the MCDH Protection from Research Risk Program.  Please provide a copy of the certificate of completion to our office with your submission.

Initial Submissions Include:

All submissions and correspondence need to be submitted electronically to

IRB receives submission > Review of materials (expedited approval 2-3 days) > Full board review > If no changes, approval letter sent to PI > With changes, letter sent to PI with outlined changes > Once changes are received & reviewed final approval may be given as short as 2-3 days or up to 3 weeks following full board review