HCA Gives $1 Million in Aid for Ebola Response

Department of Clinical Research


To provide complete research support services to all individuals interested in developing research projects which will lead to improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


The IRB provides assistance with the following: Research development, project design, completion of research committee requirements(e.g. IRB), research grant preparation and management, bio-statistics, data management, biomaterials and product testing.

Department of Clinical Research Personnel

Joseph Zerwekh, PhD, Director of Clinical Research (Research Contract / Grant Preparation and Management)
Email: joseph.zerwekh@hcahealthcare.com
Phone: 972-566-6953

Erica Lusk, IRB Coordinator (IRB Requirements and /or submissions)
Email: erica.lusk@hcahealthcare.com
Phone: 972-566-6060

Morley Herbert, PhD, Biomedical Research and Biostatistician
Email: morley.herbert@hcahealthcare.com
Phone: 972-566-6716