Joe's Story

Photo of Joe

Joe thought he was feeling weak because of his age. It was really his heart. Thanks to Medical City, he’s on his way to celebrating his 100th birthday.

Born in Melissa, Texas, Joe’s family came to Fort Worth, Texas in 1918 when he was just 5 years old. He worked at a steel company and was drafted into the war in 1942. After living what he calls a normal life, he’s excited about reaching age 100 – a birthday he wasn’t sure he would ever see.

Joe thought he was in good shape. He was always watching his blood pressure and worked in his yard. He felt weak every now and then, but thought it was just because of his age. But after a few blackouts, his son convinced him to see a physician. The doctor examined Joe and immediately found some trouble with his heart. They took Joe to the hospital. Physicians there confirmed that he had a blockage in his heart and that his aortic valve was leaking.

Photo of Joe

He was referred to DVI at Medical City where they told him about the TAVR procedure. After he found out that he was a candidate, he went ahead with the alternative to open-heart surgery.

Afterwards, Joe was shocked at how painless the procedure was. He didn’t have any pain, and hasn’t had any blackouts since. Even his strength has returned. He feels even better than before working out in the yard and doing all the things he did before.

With his strength back, Joe’s looking forward to taking trips to Florida with his son, going bear hunting, and living life.