Jerry's Story

Photo of Jerry

After open-heart surgery, Jerry was ready to give up. Now he’s back on the golf course.

Three times a week you could find Jerry on a golf course playing his favorite game. But slowly, Jerry started becoming more and more tired, as his stamina diminished to nothing. By early 2011, he’d given up on just about everything, including his golf game. He was too weak to play, and he knew it was because of his heart.

Fifteen years prior, Jerry had open-heart surgery. Because they had to break his chest, the recovery was long and difficult. “I didn’t want to do that again!”

Physicians told Jerry he might not have to. He was instead referred to the Dallas Valve Institute at Medical City. It was there Jerry learned about the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure, and why it could be an alternative for open-heart surgery.

Photo of Jerry

Fortunately, Jerry was a candidate. On November 1, 2011, Jerry had his valve replaced through a small incision in his leg. A catheter carrying a new valve was inserted, and guided to his heart. “When I awakened I was just feeling so good,” said Hartley. “I slept the first day. I am telling you the truth, I felt like I could go home the second day.”

At 78 years old, Jerry finds he now has a new view of the future. “This is like my second chance at life! I was married 51 years, and she passed away four years ago. Since the surgery, I’ve reconnected with high school sweetheart – now we’re dating.”

Today, Jerry’s not only dating his old flame – he’s again a regular on the golf course.