Need a Second Opinion?

In one of every five cases, a second opinion yields a different diagnosis.

If you've been diagnosed with a severe condition or illness, you deserve the most advanced care possible. Getting a second opinion is an easy and effective way to ensure that you receive the treatment best suited to your individual needs.

There are no absolute answers for when you need a second opinion, but they are recommended for serious cases. Patients are sometimes told there are no additional treatment options that could be of any benefit to them. In these instances, there is nothing to lose. A second opinion could save your life.

A second opinion can confirm your diagnosis or allow you to discover other overlooked possibilities. It is also important to get a different perspective on available treatment options. Some doctors are generally more conservative and others more aggressive in their recommendations. The second doctor you see might come up with a completely different and more promising option, perhaps one that your first doctor was not aware of or did not have expertise with. Depending on your condition, there may be good arguments for several different types of treatments. Getting a second option may help you decide which is right for you.

You should certainly trust the expertise of your doctor. However, second opinions are a common and accepted practice in medicine. Even though you are under no obligation to mention that you are going to get a second opinion, there is no need to worry about offending your physician. Doctors understand that wanting a second opinion is not a judgment of their talent and know that second opinions provide valuable information to their patients.

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